Advance Digital Marketing

Web Planning & Creation

To code or not to code has remained the internet buzz for a long term. So far we have observed huge guide for both the sides. In case you are starting your very own internet site, portfolio, personal blog or anything else, make sure to think about website designing without codes.

  • Website in WordPress
  • Static and dynamic website
  • How to buy website domain and hosting server
  • how to connect domain with hosting server
  • Uploading website on server
  • Brief about HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Structure of HTML code
  • Adding Google Map, Enquiry Form and LiveChat
  • Basic Knowledge of CPanel and FTP
  • Free Theme and HTML Template
  • Creation of Business Emailid

Google Adsense

Google Adsense has emerged as the high-quality services on Google. In this, Website publisher receives money with the aid of showing the client’s ads on their website. That is one of the dependable sources of creating wealth from as comfort of home.

  • Fundamental knowledge and requirement of Google AdSense
  • Guideline of Google
  • Sign up, approval and verification procedure
  • Ways to create advertisements
  • Advert placement pointers
  • Earning ability from AdSense
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